Welcome to Always Amanda

Always Amanda Organization  is a registered non-profit 501(c) organization with the main goal of giving back to the community. It was created in memory of Amanda Lynne Byrne and is strictly funded through fund raisers and donations. To read more about the story of Amanda and the organizations founding please click the History tab.

The 2017 Always Amanda Memorial Run
was a great and fitting success in Amanda's memory.

Thank you for attending, the race results are below:

2017 5k by Age Group (click here)

2017 5k Overall Results (click here)

2017 10K by Age Group (click here)

2017 10K Overall Results (click here)

Sorry the 2017 Amanda Byrne Memorial scholarship application period is closed.
To all the applicants this year, good luck and congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Please be safe and have a great time.

You can also make a one-time Donation here (via PayPal):